Often, unwanted abdominal shape becomes apparent after childbirth – if the foetus was large, even a single pregnancy can lead to a separation of the rectus abdominal muscles, resulting in a flabby abdomen, with excess skin on the lower abdomen. Excess skin on the anterior abdominal wall often occurs after major changes in body weight.

Abdominoplasty is a surgical procedure to correct a deformity in the abdominal wall and remove excess skin. Depending on the extent of the deformity, all or part of the abdominal wall can be reconstructed.

How is abdominoplasty surgery performed?

The operation is performed under general anaesthesia and takes 2-3 hours, depending on the volume.

The incision is made at the bottom of the abdomen, in the area of hair growth. In a full abdominoplasty, the incision extends from one iliac bone to the other. The skin and subcutaneous tissue are separated from the muscle to the bottom of the sternum. The excess skin and subcutaneous tissue below the umbilicus is removed, the abdominal rectus abdominis muscle is sutured, and a new hole is made in the abdominal wall into which the umbilicus is sewn. The operation is completed by suturing the defect in the abdominal skin and subcutaneous tissue and leaving the drains.

If the problem is only the abdominal muscles, there is no excess abdominal skin and the elasticity of the skin is preserved, a partial abdominoplasty can be performed. In this case, the surgical incision is similar to the one described above but shorter. The skin and subcutaneous tissue are separated, depending on the height of the muscle separation, and the umbilicus remains in the same place with only a slight downward movement.

Abdominoplasty is often combined with liposuction of the abdomen and waist area.

What do I need to know after abdominoplasty?

  • The first two post-operative days are usually spent in the clinic.
  • The incisions should be bandaged with dry dressings every 2-3 days.
  • Showering is possible after 3-4 days.
  • The threads are removed after 2 weeks.
  • Usually, a full return to work is within 2 weeks.
  • Active sport is recommended at the earliest after 3 months.
  • A special compression garment must be worn for 8 weeks.

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